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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 12, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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brace yourself for the coldest air of the season. it's not us. that will be the recipient of the core. we're going to dive right into this. right into the computer model. that show this fantastic. stop the action here on sunday. notice where bright white shade. that's new england. new york state.
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i'll show you some of the potential over night low temperatures on sunday morning. for areas to the east. just in case you want to experience it. you have to drive east for that. it's going to be cold enough here. we'll be seeing a khrapbsing blow. in the meantime. temperatures have been stuck all day in the teens. in fact. stuck in the teens with the last 36 hours. but here's the good news. the snow is pretty much winding down. there are a few flurries left out there. that's just about it. it's going to be a quiet night tonight. before the next clipper arrives tomorrow afternoon. >> weu we brace for the biting cold. doctors warning everybody to be extra careful. especially the kids.
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school. >> why this frigid weather might feel a lot worse than previous systems. >> it does feel worse. is it just me. this is a especially important for children walking to school. anyone standing at a bus stop. or working outside. tonight why all of us according to to doctors even those who think they can hands -l the bone chilling weather. maybe far more susceptible to cold weather injuries right now. >> we had an easy winter. >> . a cleveland winter reality check. plummeting temperatures across ohio. on the heels of lake effect snow. >> i like winter. >> i wish i could stay home. >> she might get her wish friday. with dangerously cold forecasted. >> it's really hard on the kids. especially waiting for the bus. >> we really take this seriously. kids.
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but cleveland metro schools ceo says a number of factors are weighed before calling a calamity day. considering the needs of students and families. along with national weather service guidelines. generally extremely icy conditions and or five to ten inches of snow. with low visibility. and a sustained windchill of minus 15 means. >> those are absolutes. >> there's reason to be extra careful. this arctic blast. because winter has been mild so far. weaver not ready for it. >> >> normally acclamation. cold to hot. or hot to cold. takes about 6 weeks. so when the temperatures switch very quickly like this. people will not abg hra mate. >> . bundling up is extra important. especially for children and the elderly. and he says watch out for signs
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>> if you do suspect pro s bite. get to metro right away. >> we have a burn unit. advance treatment for frostbite. and minimizes or prevents limb loss. >> . thank you very much. your official school closing station. get all the close skp-gs delays online. on the phone. and on the air. fox 8 news in the morning. 4 a.m. >> . most people know the risk of withdrawing money from an atm at night.
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one woman says she was attacked inside a busy airport. after she went to the atm. >> . we are at hopkins. still busy tonight. the woman is going to be okay. that's the good thing. police say they have a 54 year-old man. behind bars. under arrest. now according to to police, the woman an employee here at the airport had just withdrawn money from an atm.
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>> not surprised at all. >> most passengers say they find it hard to believe. someone would commit this type of crime at an airport. it. >> . every once in a while. when i went to south africa. >> . i try to keep my stuff close.
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>> you always have to be aware of your surroundings. >> . always. it can happen any where. >> . thank you. >> . cleveland city leaders are ex-planing why the city sent a claim for ambulance services to the family of rice. on the story tonight. the city is taking criticism over this. >> . people are calling the city insensitive. but mayor jackson says the rice family will not have to pay the bill was generated automatically. and the claim is closed. the mayor and other city leaders explain why the five hundred dollar claim for 1 year-old was filed in the first place. according to to the mayor office the bill was automatically generated after a request was submitted by the add ph-rt tor of the estate.
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from the city. rice was shot by cleveland police officer in 2014. the officer thought the gun he was handling was real. it's an air soft pistol. the mayor wants to be very clear on this. the rice family will not be asked to pay. >> mayor jackson labeled this a stumble. rice family attorneys call the incident highly disturbing. and the cleveland police union was critical of the city as well. mayor jackson says he wants to make sure a system now is in place. so that something like this doesn't ever happen again. >> . all right. >> a close development group won't ask the state to help pay for browns practice facility after all. the columbus partnership leader says planners did not intend to put their city against another ohio community.
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million dollars in taxpayer was misunderstood. and it's been withdrawn. the browns plan to keep their 2016 training camp. but they are still explores ways to move some practices to columbus. in the future.
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all i know. i'm looking forward to a nice quiet ride home this evening. through last night. skpwhr hour and a half. hour 45 minutes. >> two hours. >> . no snow for tracy. but just wauz because of that we get cold. windchill below 0. >> i'm sorry. >> . i have good news though. the wind has kinds of settled down. looking at the flag poll. it's a breeze. nothing like the last couple of so. in one respect, it's not going to be quite as brutal. on the other your thermometer will be lower than it has been for a few days. okay. where re-left off. closer look. a few of them just kind of scrambling in. from the lake. and mentor. chardon. a flurry or two. thompson. couple flurries there. that's about it. not too much going on.
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atmosphere is clearing out. we have fresh snow pack. and there's less wind. temperatures have fallen into single digit territory. onto they 0. in some close to ten.
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>> ao i don't think you'll want to drive there. >> . we'll pass. >> . still ahead. more plow problems. >> cleveland aging fleet is a big story a year ago. and little has changed. now with the snow piling up again the fox 8 i team goes looking for answers.
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it comes in a slumping oil prices and concerns global economic growth is slowing. >> another face off between clinton and sanders. the democratic candidates took the stage in milwaukee tonight. for yet another debate. this one comes on the heels of sanders 20 point win over clinton in new hampshire. the two clashed early on how to
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>> >> aled of the nevada caucuses and south carolina primary. >> . stand off in oregon. finally over. the 4 remains hold outs surrendered peacefully today. they were the remainders of an antigovernment militant group. that took over the area on january 2. the leader of a group is now behind bars. >> turns out einstein was right. scientists say they finally detected gravitational waves. the ripples in the fabric of space. time he predicted a hundred years ago.
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dollar instrument to detect one of the waves from the distant crash of two black holes. scientists say the finding opens
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introducing new k-y touch gel cr me. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes.
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these bikes are going to second graders at 6 different schools in -td cleveland area. and it is all part of program that encourages them to safely walk or ride their bikes to school.
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at the ohio city bicycle co-walk and cleveland thursday night. the gears were shifting. the wheels were turning. >> . i think we'll have about ten mechanics here. tonight. from century cycle. spin bike shop. and racing team. are helping us fix bikes for the cleveland school district. >> . jim the executive director of the co-op. gathered up his friends from local bike shops for a fix a thopb. 4 hours to refurbish 150 donated children's bikes. >> . it means community. >> . bicycles will be going to a pilot. second grade pe program. funded through the foundation. >> the safe routes to school coordinator. for the cleveland metro poll tan school district. she says the program will be given march at 6 different schools. >> we'll teach them about
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>> . kids will be learning how to ride a bike. if they don't know how already. >> . the mechanics work all volunteer. >> . >> one of everything is a good thing to have. >> restoring these bikes into a child's first freedom machine. and giving back to those in need. >> they're really excited to get to be on bikes. some of them have bicycles at home. that might not be repaired or know how to ride. this will give them the tools to have a lifetime of being out on bicycles. being safe and active.
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>> >> come with us for a peek. the i team wondered would he find a bunch of cleveland plow yep. last year the i team exposed a chronic problem with broken down city plow trucks. this winter, crews have had very little snow to plow. and lots of new equipment. so when when we told drivers what we
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>> . last winter the i team found at times close to half of the snowplow fleet. down. some trucks down from well over a pho rpbt. late last year, the city said this. >> . especially with dozens of new
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>> oh dear. i don't know they need to repair them. >> hope they get them fixed. i'm nervous out here in the snow and all this. >> . juvenile detention. both face charges that include delinquency. but aggravated murder. >> . west lake police officer cleared of excess iive force charges. 48 year-old was accused of causing bodily harm to the a suspect in april last year. and accused him of falsifying documents tos cover it up. it's not known if he'll return to the police department. >> . health officials have confirmed
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waiting to learn his punishment. unleashed a verbal tirade on the judge. here it is. >> 34 year-old ripped into lake county judge. during his sentencing hearing. he was convicted of aggravated burglary. and impersonating a police officer. police say he and a friend forced the way into an apartment. to collect a debt. judge says he is used to courtroom out bursts and because he's a violent repeat offender, the judge sentenced him to 24 years in prison. >> . he's correct. i want to keep him in prison. for as long as i can.
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person. >> we have details. >> . very neat. all right. let's check in with the weather. >> it's when it comes to winter weather. it sure was pretty. when the lake effect snows were giving way to the drier air.
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in some of the snow showers. we still had snow showers out there. watch. >> this is what it looks like tonight. from the five mile crib. we're -bg looking to the south. there's the city. and perfect view. never once did you see the viz visibility go down. we don't have snow showers between the camera. and the city. tonight. you can see, the diminishing cloud cover. so where's this next system. it's obviously coming from way up here. in can canada. we were tracking this yesterday. and it was much further north. now it's beginning to make some progress towards the u.s. and that will cross our borders.
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about 8 or nine o'clock tomorrow. lake effect snow watch. goes into effect. that is for tomorrow night. and into the day saturday. but notice how it is sections off. from about ash to the northeast. (and there is no watch. currently. and lake or even that's because most of the snow showers serious ones should be up to the northwest. >> ahead of the next cold front. right in here. variablely cloudy. periods of sun. snow showers will begin to arrive. probably not until the later afternoon. and then we're going to open up the gate way.
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i want to spend some time tphoeu on now on the 8 day. notice how we drop. on friday night to 3. we make it to ten saturday. saturday night and sunday. 0. that's because that's when the cold core will be slipping down. across new york state. and new england. these are some of the over night lows expected. we'll hit about 0. if you drive up to water town. these are air temperatures. >> we think the energy will transfer quickly. to the coast. another coastal.
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and rides up to the appalachians. there's a chance that we may see a little more than just a few snow showers. >> notice at the epd of the 8 day period. 45. with rain showers. so the temperatures will moderate next week.
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the man has a medical condition. and seeking treatment. they don't believe he poses any danger in the community. but police say that physical measures are being put in place. in the neighborhood. to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> . controversy on long island new york. a teacher is facing punishment. after helping a student in need. art teacher has been removed from her classroom. and will be reassigned. the decision comes after she briefly left cam pause with a student during school hours. the teen was suffering from what
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break down. after two close friends had died within the span of a week. she took the student to a 7 eleven with her parents consent. they got a cup of hot chocolate before returning to class.
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federal ban on the practice. >> you think it's cold outside. think again. >> it's about two hundred degrees colder inside one of these machines.
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>> believe it or not. one of the latest trends. >> boxes champ swears by it. and a listers in are all turning down the heat. and bringing on the ice. >> . it's called cry o therapy. it's becoming all the rage. for just about anything that ails you. >> the benefits are exceeding what we thought. increased energy to improved sleep patterns. better moods.
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>> craig ha battled a bad bake. and spinal pain. not only has he seen a huge improvement. but he can't believe how much better he feels. over all. >> . it's almost addicting. >> first used in 1978. in japan.
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>> . you don't sliver. your body just goes numb. >> 3 minutes is the maximum amount of time you can be in the sauna. we were aiming for two. it was my first time. as the folks i interviewed told me. it does become almost addictive. >> . 20 seconds. >> .
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>> bring it on. >> . it's a survival response. core. to protect the internal organs. and the next two or 3 hours after the blood comes out. and when it comes out it's more highly oxygen nateed. nutrient dense. full of healing properties. >> .
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>> for more information. visit >> . when he's not a judge on the voice. he's melting hearts as the leader singer of maroon five. and if you'd like to see them live here is your chance. right now. be the eighth caller to 2165780888. and win two tickets to see the band take the stage at the q. their tour is pulling into cleveland wednesday september 28.
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hreul a store if florida is running a special donate your ex-s stuff campaign. the event runs from february 15. through the end of the month. and features a special break up kick off party. complete with food. drink and music. >> the goal is help people in the community. while giving heart heartbroken people a chance to clean out
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>> . the hoop. and the grind to the finish begins. despite rumors and that is all about possible trades. they have to continue to play basketball and one guy who's been on a fantastic role. is kyrie irving. all the rust has been knocked off. he's been spectacular. as of late. averaging 32 points over the past 3 games. also seeing feeding his teammates more. as the up tempo offense is that perfect kind of setting. somebody he can dish the ball to. he seems anxious for the sebgtd half.
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>> . new uniforms. today the foundation sent some of the 33 0 ambassadors to to deliver the gifts. >> . the rockets are making calls to gauge interest for howard. his cap number is 22 million. teams away. he's missed 50 games over two years. plus the team getting him is no assurance he'll sign come july. >> the most by far. leading the way. likely could be the first pick of the draft. ohio state 4 more than the next school.
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we understand he was snubbed. didn't get invited. >> one of the most gorgeous spots on earth. pebble beach. with the put. and he doesn't get it to go. the putter. actor on the green. he's pretty insightful. and gets it to go. and celebrates as well. how about justin rose from the sand. he will get this baby in the cup. he's two shots off the lead. >> your exclusive home for the 58 annual daytona five hundred. great american race is next sunday. february 21. fox sports coverage begins at noon. and the green flag will be set. for around one o'clock. >> . gorgeous. >> see the aerial shots. >> all right.
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>> the average over night low. 5. that's going to have to spread 0. some places. ten right near the lake. tom22. showers. snow showers return. and the coldest air of the season arriving on schedule. saturday night and sunday. >> . burr. okay thank you.
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